Chemworld Fragrance Factory Easyblend Solvent Base 210ml

Chemworld Fragrance Factory EASYBLEND Solvent Base

Create your own captivating scent with EASYBLEND, the perfect multi-functional fragrance solvent.

For Perfume, EDT, Cologne, Room spray, Linen spray, Diffuser, Essential Oil.

Available in:

SD Ethyl Alcohol, Emulsifiers, Stabilizers

1. Add the fragrance oil or combine of fragrance oils to the 210ml bottle of EASYBLEND.
The quantity of fragrance oils would depend on the intensity of fragrance oils would depend on the intensity you want for your fragrance product.

2. Mix well and age in the dark storage for few days.

3. Fill into your preferred bottle. Use glass perfume bottles for oil concentration over 10%.

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