Perfume Making Workshops

Since 2004, we have been conducting hands-on perfume making seminars reaching thousands of participants every year. We have become the leading training center for this fi­eld and a trusted name for complete, cost effective perfumery business supplies.

We teach how to create high quality fragrances as good as some expensive designer fragrances. We provide step-by-step guidance with our formulation experts available for free consultation.

The seminars go beyond teaching perfume making. They include discussions on street-smart marketing strategies based on actual experiences, de­fining market niche, costing, and pricing. We also provide all the supplies a perfume business would need, from fragrance oils, essential oils as well as a variety of packaging materials. Plus, we have added custom label design and printing services in-store, because we know how important good packaging can help sell perfume.

The Perfume Making Workshop fee is P500. To book a schedule, you may contact or visit your preferred Chemworld branch.