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Chemworld Fragrance Factory has helped thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs launch their very own business even with limited capital. Since 2004, Chemworld Fragrance Factory has been regularly conducting seminars and workshops, teaching the tips and tricks of perfume making and giving around 1,000 participants annually the opportunity to experience sweet smelling success.
As the leading training center in perfume making, we are also the trusted brand when it comes to providing high-quality and cost-effective perfume supplies.
Your One-Stop Shop For Perfumery Supplies
Chemworld Fragrance Factory has a complete range of perfume supplies and raw materials. Everything you need from beginning to the end of the perfume making process is available at our branches nationwide. We offer high-class fragrance oils imported from some of the best manufacturers in the world. We even sell a variety of perfume bottles in all shapes and sizes to make your signature scent even more unique. Just tell us what you need - our perfume supplies cover it all!
Launch Your Business Immediately With Our Starter Kits

Chemworld Fragrance Factory doesn’t just supply you with individual raw materials. We can also supply you with entire business starter kits. These kits come complete with all the materials you’ll be needing to launch your business as soon as you lay the money on the counter.
Starter Kit A: The Do-It-Yourself Starter Kit
This package is ideal for people who want to start making their own signature perfume from scratch. By investing only PhP 3,500, you will be able to make 80 bottles of 10 ml and 30 vials of 2ml perfume. You can sell these sweet smelling products for a total of PhP 6,000, almost double your initial investment! That gives you an enjoyable profit of PhP 2,500!
Starter Kit B: The Premix Kit
If you want to skip the trial-and-error phase of establishing your unique scents, may we suggest that you consider the Premix Kit. This kit gives you five 250ml pre-mixed fragrances ready for packaging and selling. For PhP 4,000, you can sell 138 pen bottles of 9ml perfume and 15 vials of 2ml perfume and earn a total of PhP 8,280 in sales. That gives you an amazing profit of PhP 4,280!
Chemworld Fragrance Factory enables you to generate profit immediately after your initial investment. And the best part is, you don’t need to invest a lot of money to successfully run a self-sufficient perfume making business. By offering our products and services at very affordable costs, Chemworld allows you to practically start your own perfume making enterprise with the money you have in your wallet!
We Supply You With More Than Just Knowledge
By giving professional advice, Chemworld Fragrance Factory easily ensures the quality of your business and products. Our formulation experts are available to provide step-by-step guidance to amateurs and professional perfume makers alike. And we don’t just teach you the fundamentals of perfume making in our seminars and workshops; Chemworld Fragrance Factory also tackles various marketing issues like costing, and pricing, as well as great strategies that would increase your business’ popularity and profitability.
Chemworld Fragrance Factory is situated in strategic locations all over the Philippines, including Alabang, Makati, Quezon City, Cubao, Binondo, Cebu, Davao, Cavite, Angono, and Bacolod (soon to open). Chemworld Fragrance Factory stores operate seven days a week, and we also accept online orders and payments through our official website.
For a comprehensive list of all our products, please visit our website.
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